Additional Services

In addition to its key focus on real estate, The Winnmark Group principals are recognized experts in serving the strategic needs of firms and institutions, including service, cultural, and educational organizations with the following services:
  • Management of real estate portfolios including: lease and/or purchase agreements; disposition of surplus land and buildings; and redeployment of holdings acquired through purchase and/or bequest
  • Restructuring that will require a comprehensive review of finance; professional and support personnel; board composition and responsibilities; as well as programs and services
  • Application of sound business practices to long- and short-term planning; budgeting; accounting; use of metrics throughout the organization; sales, branding, and public relations; adoption of techniques and instruments that promote accountability at all levels of staffing; and the use of technology to promote integration, collaboration, communication, productivity, and efficiency within the organization as well as outreach to constituents
  • Use of endowment and/or restricted funds for routine operations, capital needs, and program development
  • Counsel for executives who are experts within their discipline but lack business and general managerial training and education
  • Review of board composition including its understanding of membership responsibilities; laws and policies that fall within their fiduciary obligations; potential to personally contribute and leverage contacts to provide revenue; and basic financial accounting to forecast, plan, budget, oversee, and report the use of operating, restricted, capital, endowment, and real estate owned assets as well as all forms of debt and liabilities