The Winnmark Group Advantage

Best-In-Class Team with:

  • Direct and relevant investment & management experience by principals
  • Expert underwriting, pricing, and due diligence capabilities
  • Significant strategic relationships and collaborative work history
  • Extensive collateral portfolio demonstrating excellence in design, message, brand identity, and marketing

Excellent Track Record in Targeted Investment Opportunities:

  • Unique and hard-to-sell residential, commercial, and mixed-use portfolios
  • Performing and non-performing debt and equity interests
  • Distressed, under capitalized, and bankrupt assets
  • Environmentally challenged & compromised properties
  • Litigation / Partnership / Estate Planning / Management Disputes / Other Issues

Our Competitive Advantage:

  • Owners, operators, and managers - not just advisors and allocators of capital
  • Breadth of training, education, and experience in all areas of real estate, development, and management, with nationally recognized value-add in marketing, IT, public relations, special events, and project management
  • Demonstrated ability to position and sell special properties (luxury homes; land in conservation or restricted for traditional development; properties with a strong identity and/or profile—negative and/or positive—created by extraordinary media attention due to celebrity association; one-of-a-kind location; historical relevance; and/or activism by community leaders and elected officials) to international, hard-to-identify buyers